Radion +One Short Rail Kit

EcoTech have released modular designed rail kits.

Each kit contains rails, endcaps, eyelet cables, nuts, bolts and bushings -

all that is required to hang the Radion units.

Available in two different lengths - Short Rail is 16.5" and the Long Rail is 18.5"

which provides owners with multiple spacing options when hanging/mounting their units.

The Long Rail Kit and the Short Rail Kit may be used along with the Premium Hanging Kit.

Kit Options are:

Long Rail Kit Plus One option (Code MPXR618-1)

Used with the Long Rail Kit to hang on more Radion XR30w fixture.

Length : 18.5 inches

Short Rail Kit Plus One option (Code MPXR616-1)

Used with the Short Rail Kit to hang one more Radion XR30w fixture.

Length : 16.5 inches.



Code: MPXR616-1


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