Radion XR15 Gen6 PRO

XR15 G6 Pro- Perfect for aquariums 24-30 inches wide and deep.  Unbeatable in balanced output the G6 PRO carries the tradition further with extra capability in the blue and UV spectrum and mind-blowing additional spread!

EcoTech is proud to introduce the Radion G6. The G6 furthers the success of the current Radion platform with impressive improvements in light output and colour. The newest Radion features a new LED cluster and Hybrid Hemispherically Edge Illuminating optical system that takes the capabilities of the Radion from best-in-class to mind-blowing.

In the aquarium, enjoy richer colours, pop more fluorescence and create the ultimate balance between crisp and actinic.  From its inception, Radion has set the standard for what full spectrum aquarium LED lighting can be. The 6th generation pushes the limits of colour rendition and fluorescence without sacrificing any of the famous flexibility that caters to the desire of the user. 

With the addition of 395nm diodes, G6 pushes deeper into the UV range, achieving a new level of coral and fish fluorescence. Both Blue and Pro models also feature a rebalancing of colour channels and LED (Diode) mix to augment the most flexible and balanced spectra available in aquarium lighting.

Control with Mobius,You have invested in your ecosystem with the smartest and most capable EcoTech equipment. Now unlock the true potential of this system with nothing more than an app on your smart device

Dimensions:  Length 7in.(18cm)

                        Width   7in.(18cm)
                        Height  1.5in.(3.9cm)

                        Weight  3.5lbs.(1587g)

                        Power Consumption  95w


8 x Cool White

16 x Royal Blue

8 x Blue

2 x Red

2 x 395nm

1 x 405nm

2 x 415nm

4 x 430nm

2 x Warm White

1 x Moonlight 



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