Versa Dosing Pump - Single

Versa Dosing Pump - Single

Specifically designed peristaltic pump from Ecotech Marine.

The Versa is extremely precise, robust and versatile. Capable of being used as a dosing pump, as an auto top off (ATO) pump and even for automatic water changes.

Min dosing volume: 0.5ul/min

Max dosing volume: 300ml/min

Accuracy: +/- .2ml for quantities of 1ml of less

+/- 1% for quantities of 1-300ml

Input Voltage: 110-220v

Vertical Head Pressure: 18+ft (6m)

Connector Options: 1/4" stem for push-to-connect fittings, 1/4" female push-to-connect female, 1/4" barb for soft-wall tubing (denotes accessory)

Tubing: 1/4" OD Polyethylene-Style Tubing for push-to-connect fittings or 1/4" OD soft-wall tubing for barb fitting

Code: MPVX-1

Brand: Ecotech Marine

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